Product Launch Marketing – The Five Secrets to a Successful Launch

When planning out your product launch marketing plan for a new business, new product or new service you may want to consider using a launch type model to let the world know about what you now have to offer. When doing this, you want to consider several key strategies that will help you better execute your roll out. Use these 5 secrets to increase your chance of a successful new product introduction.

Secret Number One for product launch marketing is to realize you are about tohold a conversation with your customers. OK, some won’t buy from you, but for now please think of everyone who is going to read anything about your up and coming product launch as a customer. If you do this, your mind set will be right and talking “with” customers is always more successful than talking “to” prospects.

Secret Number Two is planning and producing enough content in advance. Sounds simple, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who start a product launch without having the product launch marketing material in place. Yes you are going to make changes and some of the material will by its very nature be dynamic (answers to questions, blog posts on news items that support your launch story etc.) but you can write most of it well in advance. In fact secret number two is “write your product launch marketing material in advance!” (just in case there was any doubt!).

Secret Number Three is to remember what might be called old school marketing techniques. Today, we tend to look to email and posting articles etc to social media sites. However, if you have either a small list or perhaps a product with a high enough value you might consider using physically mailed pieces to complement your web campaign. A series of Post cards with an “all will be revealed” type copy and a simple web address will often work wonders. If you absolutely have to get someone, send a FedEx letter and you can almost guarantee that they will open it.

Secret Number Four is toproduce a JV marketing plan for the new product launch. This means seeing the launch through an affiliate’s eyes and producing the sort of marketing materials that are going to make them want to support the launch. Great emails, great give-aways, an irresistible offer and a sales page that closes. When all that is in place you want to add in a JV competition into your marketing plan with great prizes and then tell everybody how they are going to be rich off the back of your fantastic launch.

Secret Number Five is planning to over deliver. This means as you create your marketing strategy to launch your new product, you should add in additional content that will only be revealed, either at the actual launch, or even during the week of the launch. Launches that absolutely crush the numbers will capture all the hard core followers and then go on to convert a significant number of the doubters by turning a good offer into an irresistible offer, often by revealing content at the last minute.

So, there we have five secrets that you can lock into your product launch marketing. Conduct the launch conversation with everyone as though they are already a customer. Produce your marketing material well in advance of the launch. Consider old school marketing techniques for a different approach. Make it easy for your affiliates to support you. Finally, over deliver and your launch is practically guaranteed success.

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